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Please contact me for more specifics via email. To include custom logo for my car, or how to install hi res (possibly animated) logo myself.


I would like to have the following features if possible:

Custom boot  and shutdown screens

Auto load into your front end program rather than into the normal tablet

Auto on and off based upon input voltage from power cord.

USB connectivity to portable slot type cd rom mounted in the dash (to play cd’s and install updates if necessary)

Bluetooth features:

Autoswitch to wireless bluetooth rearview back up camera when car is placed into reverse (full screen display)

Selectable secondary rearview display for use as a rear view mirror while driving (180 degree camera)

Bluetooth connectivity to OBD2 bluetooth transmitter for use with OBD2 doctor

Normal bluetooth connectivity to phone and hands free device(s)

3D navigation system possibly google earth


Let me know if any of this is possible. Id like to shoot for as close to an OEM looking system as possible. I really like your product thus far. I dont know what I could help with, but Im willing if you need any.